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Do you know, the publishing world is undergoing its biggest revolution EVER!

Now, in 2015, the publishing world is witnessing its biggest change. Users are shifting from the traditional hard cover books to electronic book on Kindle platform! These changes are coming whether you are ready for it or not.

This however, opens a huge opportunity of earning high royalty payments up to 70% from Amazon and could rapidly expand your market. Real good news for passionate writers in the real world. Greater control on your work and get your books self-published within minutes with no editorial approval. This is just a start.

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Regardless of whether you have the passion in writing, or you have existing content that you’d like to monetize, self publishing is one of the easiest and most profitable ways to get started.

I know you’ve probably been through your share of missed opportunities, where you’ve felt as though had you moved on something sooner, you’d have been successful at it. We’ve all been there. The greatest thing about self publishing, however, that is it’s just becoming popular now and if you are looking at Kindle, with Amazon releasing Kindle Fire, it’s only going to get even more popular. However iBooks apps are getting more and more fans than ever now.

Well established self-published authors have gone on to make thousands of dollars in royalty payments every month from the most famous platform, Amazon.

Even the complete beginner can start making money quickly, because the Amazon Kindle marketplace is wide open to everyone from all walks of life, all experiences, and all types.

If you have the ability to write short stories, tutorials, guides, or even a true story of your life and experiences, you can build an incredibly profitable income funnel from within the Kindle marketplace. And other platforms too.

Plus, publishing a book once will continue to generate passive income for years to come! That’s one of the most exciting aspects of becoming a self publishing author. You can continue to make money over a very long period of time for a book that you published years ago! Unlike other facets of online business where content is quickly outdated and replaced with new techniques or strategies, stories never grow old!

So, how can you start making money as self publisher?

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